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For Ninjas

Q: What if I have never done any coding before?


Beginners are extremely welcome. There will be mentors to guide you at every stage,  but it’s very relaxed and sociable. The more experienced ninjas will be happy to help too. You choose what you want to create (e.g. games, apps, websites, animations, robotics); you go at your own pace; and you decide how you like to work, on your own or teamed up.


Q: Who can participate? Can girls attend?


Yes! Girls are very welcome at the dojo sessions. In fact, a good number of the those who attend are girls. We also have an amazing pool of female mentors here.


Q: Do I have to bring a parent or carer with me?


You do if you’re under 13 years old. But It means you will be able to show them what amazing things you are up to.  We also find parents and carers are very helpful (hint!) when setting up and tidying away afterwards; and generally keeping everyone to the 'be cool' rule.


Q: Is there a break?


There will be one fifteen minute break about half way through the session. But hey it’s not school, so if you want to take time out during the session that’s fine: as long as you respect that other ninjas may want to keep working.


Q: Can I bring a drink and snack?


You’re welcome to bring a (cold) drink and light snack but please don't consume them near the computers.

For Parents and Carers


Q: Do I need to bring a laptop for my child to use?


Bring it if you have one. If don’t have a laptop, you can book one of ours to use when you book activities for your youngsters on Eventbrite.

Q: What is your child safeguarding policy?


All regular mentors hold current DBS certificates unless they are also parents or carers attending with their child. A parent or carer must accompany their child/children under 13 throughout the session and take responsibility for them (and for their belongings) while on Kingston University premises. Teenagers aged 13 and above can attend unaccompanied subject to a parent or carer completing a consent form: a link will be sent out in an email a few days before the session.



Q: Can I become a mentor?


We’d love to hear from potential mentors for future sessions. You may like to help with the smooth running of our Dojo and by spreading the word in the community; or through technical mentoring if you have coding and digital making skills. Do contact us.



"It is the highlight of the kids' month and almost every weekend they ask if it is a coding weekend! They have learnt so much and had so much fun!"

A CoderDojo parent.

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