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R Pi Jam, bubble sort and rock paper scissors

Flashing lights, LED panels, crocodile clips, spaghettis of connector cables and breadboards - it must be a Raspberry Pi Jam! Yes it was our highly successful debut session exploring just some of the amazing possibilities. If it looks like fun to you, we'll be doing another Jam on 25 April so look out for booking to open.

Our Scratchers were introduced to the magic of number sorting and then coded a simple bubble sort after watching the legendary Hugarian folk dance version. Then we met a Mirobot drawing turtle, the brainchild of Ben Pirt and a successful Kickstarter project last year.

Our 3 Python groups were working at different levels. The complete beginners installed Python, experimented in the shell and then wrote conversational programs. The next group had been to a couple of sessions already and got to grips with loops, variables and conditionals - culminating in a number-guessing game. Our third group of regular Python-attendees learnt about functions, parameters, return values - and their project was getting the computer to play the infamous rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock game!

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