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Raspberry Pi Jam, Scratch and Python

We had three groups this time and they all went like a train!

In our Raspberry Pi Jam, we built amazing electronic circuits and used Scratch or Python to program them; LEDs were harnessed to make a reaction time game; and we even built an interface between Minecraft and the physical world. Our Scratch group was a mixture of beginners and more experienced ninjas. They all built some brilliant video games. The sprite witches, aliens from space and flying hyppos never stood a chance!

We had beginners and advanced groups doing Python and having fun creating

guessing games, interactive jokes, fantasy games, noughts & crosses and lots more.

In the break, R Pi mentor Richard held everyone spellbound with a talk on the national Astro Pi schools competition to design experiments for a Raspberry Pi using a special add-on PCB with sophisticated sensors, for lift-off to the International Space Station by British astronaut Tim Peake.

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